October 2013 Monthly Items

Strip down to your bones this October and do the Skeleton Dance!

October 2013 Monthly Items

Miss / Mister Bones Head


Miss Bones Top



Mister Bones Top




Miss Bones Bottom




Mister Bones Bottom





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  • Chapeaux

    Oh jebus. 😮

  • weird-o

    All I can think about is how good my avatar will look with a mustache on that skull >:3

    • http://vegasworld.com/ Jennifer Merrifield

      Haha, you’re funny.

    • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

      It would look even better with a sombrero. ^^

      • Pink Strawberry ❤

        agreed >:3

  • Haos

    omfg 0-0 they will be worth a lot in the future!

  • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

    My mouth is wide open right now. I think I might just get these items and dance in them. A dancing skeleton…

    • Pink Strawberry ❤

      :O there’s a pet called the dancing skeleton

      • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

        But I want to be a dancing skeleton! =^^=

        • Pink Strawberry ❤

          then you can dance with the dancing skeleton 😮

          • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

            But I don’t have the dancing skeleton! T^T

          • Pink Strawberry ❤


          • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

            It’s kind of my thing that I don’t dance. ;~;

          • Pink Strawberry ❤

            I love dancing c:

  • http://vegasworld.com/ Jennifer Merrifield

    Very cool, thanks Mareks!

  • B MEE x3


  • Dynastes Aeternum


    • Pink Strawberry ❤

      I see you find items worth your style? >:3

      • Dynastes Aeternum

        I wish, I need to see how these look on me

        • ♪♫ TUЯTLEZ ♪♫

          Me too o_o

  • PsychedelicFrk

    I love these items 😀 finally my wish came true <3<3<3

  • Merenda


  • smiles :D

    loooooooooooooooooooool im so buying this xD

  • alive

    omg. omg. all I can say is omg. O_O
    I want these sooo badly!!

  • Tiffany Lu

    R.I.P. with glasses.

  • Pink Strawberry ❤

    I wonder how they’ll look 😮

  • ★ღ☮♪♫❤ツTUЯTLEZ ツ❤♫♪☮ღ★

    I hope you guys dont mind if I put hello kitty? c: Yeah its kinda skinny sorry xc Just wanna show meh friend Anime 😀


  • Savannah Fontanne

    I find these absolutely amazing. 😀

  • Meion

    Umm…It’s great for halloween but.. I wouldn’t buy them. It’s just plain ugly. P.S It’s my opinion so dont judge. o_o

    • ❤2Fabulous4u❤

      well technically you are a real live breathing skeleton so.. you hate yourself xDD?

  • Under! Where

    Anyone knows how much will cost the box?

    • http://blog.ourworldbuzz.com/ OBB_Admin

      The set will cost 96 gems.
      Separately, the total cost of items would be 100 gems.

  • ♪♫Qolor♫♪

    Hmm o_o I just realized something.. Are these the only Monthly Items for October? If so, that sucks.

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    what colour would be best or either the best price in the future?