• Sosi Davidyan

    those are kind of creepy :/ but thnx for the post :)

  • Kerosene

    Whoa! :O
    Somehow I really love them .-.

    • SNOW ANGEL 777

      o_O U love em I HATE EM

      • Kerosene

        Yups.They’re quite rebellious 😛

      • natashez

        shut up
        joke only lol

  • Kristen Cullen

    I think the hair is also incomplete o.e

    • Today


      • Kristen Cullen


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  • Kitty Choco

    damn i hate this Items ._. they look so stupid e.e

  • Mono

    I like the whole space theme going on here…

  • 0ne wish

    No. Just no.

    • natashez

      ilike the shoes

  • 4c1d

    they suck….. :c

  • TheDrakLordCHINCHIN

    love this set, keep it up Ourword!

  • Decent


  • confused

    What are the items below the hair?

  • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

    Well, I kind of like the whole set. I might buy it in black.
    I don’t know about the hair though. It might be too boy-ish for me. o.o

    • KatianaLovesChips xDD

      I think the Hair isn’t Done with the look.
      But You would See When Its Feb o_o

      • http://www.long-gone.blog.cz/ ~ Noelliss ~

        The monthly items are all in one set. So the hair probably is done with the look.

  • Zondwa Sonaba

    I LOVE! Unique, very unique…

  • 0FFL1N3

    Eh it’s alright.. I wouldn’t buy them though >.<

  • Mary Kook

    those look groce ewww

  • KatianaLovesChips xDD

    OMG I saw the other itmes whatever its Called and THEIR AWSOME, So are these c;
    o_o muahaha But still people say their Ugly or what not But you Don’t know how they really look like. So Don’t say that Also Heres a Sneak Peck Of the Other Stuff that’s coming :)

    • KatianaLovesChips xDD

      That’s a Sneak Peck Guys :)
      Also For Rez People Theres a PRETTY Love tree I don’t know how its Called really….. >.<
      But It's (ONLY FOR REZ) an its free:)) So Yeah Keep up with Ourworld Guys!:D

  • VuIpix

    Omg Buying Pink Set<33