Mystery Boxes Discontinued

Unfortunately, in light of a recently put up gambling law, we are no longer able to sell mystery boxes. The special items you would have normally won within the box will still be available, but for individual (gem) sale only. We plan on making some of the simpler items outlined in future boxes available in multiple colors, too. Our last mystery box was the 2018 frost box; we will not be making any boxes from this point onward.

Flowplay Customer Service

What about the recently announced rainbow box?

That box was announced before we actually confirmed it would exist in the first place (we made it but weren’t told we couldn’t use it until a few days ago) so that box will not be sold, only some of the items that would have been in it (individually). 

What about current mystery boxes in the store?

This is something we still need to remedy. Most likely, the boxes in stores now will remain there until their yearly replacement. After which, we may need to make them available for individual item sale or find a new but still fun way to sell the items you’d normally come across year-to-year.

What about coin boxes?

Most likely coin boxes will stop being sold and only be available through gem elevators like they originally were, but I can’t say for sure yet (we’re still working everything out; this was a big shock to us too!)

UPDATED: As far as coin boxes go, they will still be obtainable through crew elevator prizes but they will no longer be sold in stores (when that will initiate, I’m not sure)

As for flow boxes and flow clusters, we will visit whether or not it’s possible to sell the amounts you could have won in the boxes before for gems, individually. For example, 10 flow, 100 flow, 5000 flow, etc. The amounts would only go up as high as they were once available through the boxes they came. I’ll keep you all posted regarding whether or not that’s something we can initiate.

Can you add an option to purchase coins or flow straight up with gems? 

I’m trying to work with our art team about a solution for the flow/coin box predicament. We’ll keep y’all posted!

Will older boxes be removed, what about the ones in our Inventory?

If the box existed before this change then it will still exist within the game, the only change is that we can no longer sell them, we don’t have to remove all boxes from the game! You keep what you have. 

So, are we getting rid of Zoe’s Club Market?

Because the Zoe’s Club and Auction are membership perks, it isn’t considered gambling to buy the boxes in that way. Old boxes that would normally appear there will continue to appear there, for the time being.

Will players still be able to list mystery boxes on the Marketplace?

The MP isn’t us making a profit off of randomly generated prizes, that currency is all player-based, so that should be fine.

What if you offered some sort of “mystery box membership”?

Unfortunately that would be too close to gambling and not possible. We can’t sell them in stores like we used to, the only exception is when they randomly appear as a past item for individual purchase in auction.

I am horrified, sad and unsatisfied.

We’re all very upset about this too. If ever we’re able to sell boxes again, we will, but the law is the law

We’ll update this post as more info becomes available.