Mystery Boxes Discontinued

Unfortunately, in light of a recently put up gambling law, we are no longer able to sell mystery boxes. The special items you would have normally won within the box will still be available, but for individual (gem) sale only. We plan on making some of the simpler items outlined in future boxes available in multiple colors, too. Our last mystery box was the 2018 frost box; we will not be making any boxes from this point onward.

Flowplay Customer Service

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A New Method of Updating

For anybody who hasn’t already noticed, in the last couple of weeks we have switched our usual means of site-wide updating to something a bit.. zippier!
The site will no longer shut down while we update, the updates will be instant and take place between 10:30AM PST and 12:00PM PST. Almost always sometime shortly after 11. When this happens, you’ll need only refresh to see the sites new features and clothing, etc. I still don’t know for sure if we provide a notification of some sort to players when an update has been finished, if we don’t I’ll ask that we do. Otherwise, just refresh around 11:15 or so and you should see the new game content.


Sideshow Closing

Sad news everyone.. one of the oldest venues in ourWorld has closed down.

Sideshow Theater was the place to just sit back, relax and watch. A favourite amongst casual moviegoers and film buffs alike. But unfortunately, all good things come to an end. And it just so happens, this was the time for Sideshow..

Sideshow will be demolished next update, July 17, 2017!

Farewell, old friend.